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What is Covid-19 Antigen test (RDT)?

An antigen is a substance (protein) that causes the immune system to produce antibodies and trigger an immune response. In the case of COVID-19, spike proteins are found on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Therefore, the antigen test detects these proteins or genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Antigen tests generally have similar specificity but are less sensitive than PCR TESTS, they are also faster and less expensive than RT PCR and can provide results in minutes, making them useful in screening programs to quickly identify persons who are likely to have COVID-19.  

Rapid antigen tests are most accurate when used within a few days of the start of your symptoms, which is when the largest amount of virus is present in your body

There are antigen tests available for at-home testing (self-testing), at the point of care, or in a laboratory. Because of the performance characteristics of antigen tests, it may be necessary to confirm some antigen test results (a negative test in persons with symptoms or a positive test in persons without symptoms) with a laboratory-based RT PCR TEST.

Covid-19 rapid antigen testing is recommended as a high performing test for individuals with symptoms, high-risk populations, and healthcare or casual workers.

Unlike every other Covid-19 test, Antigen tests are more affordable, Cheaper, easier to use and provide results within 30 minutes at the point of care.

Zainelab is Available for COVI9-19 Testing, Call 08061348550 or 08061348431 for Booking and enquiry on test results

30 minutes from point of care

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After payment, you will be asked for proof of ID on the day of your appointment. ZaineLab accepts
the following documents:
• National ID Card
• Passport
• Voters Card
• Driver’s Licence

Individuals who have known high-risk chronic conditions such as obesity with BMI over 40, respiratory conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, severe allergies, conditions requiring immunosuppression, chronic kidney disease are at more risk of developing severe outcomes in the case of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. It is advisable to have a doctor review the severity of the condition and remain self-isolating to avoid the risk of contracting an infection.

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